Life & Health Mentor Will Pike will teach you how to create a healthy life you love


True health and fulfilment come from aligning your life with your own inner wisdom”


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I’m Will. My work reconnects you with your body and your heart’s intuition (see a video on the science of intuition here) in order to align you with what you’re REALLY looking for in all areas of your life (health, work, relationships, home, creativity and expression).

 The result of working on both elements has a fundamental impact:

Deeper understanding and relationship with your physicality, psyche and heart
Better health, strength, mobility and energy
Improved awareness of your body, mind, emotions and intuition
Clarity on the patterns and beliefs that are creating procrastination, stress, illness and weight gain

My approach brings together elements of embodiment, grounding, bodyweight training, yoga and creative movement with meditations, visualisations and intuition exercises, and has a great impact on your body, life and health. 

I offer 1-on-1 alignment sessionsworkshops, and dance evenings.

Love & Health,

Will xx